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Do you want to get better every day? Start by feed

The food is not only a fuel to provide energy to our body, or a snack for when we are bored, but it can also help us to achieve specific goals and enjoy our lives.

Tim Ferris knows about this better than anybody. A successful businessman and a legend in the U.S. Podcast (have more than 100 millions of downloads), has just published a book called Tools of Titans. He analyses the eating habits of some of the greatest Chefs, multimillionaires, CEO´s or comedians, among many other characters, ¿What is the relationship between their personal success and their feed habits?

You would be surprised to know the care that they put in their feeding successful people like athletes, high businessmen and even famous personalities that we see daily smiling and having fun of with it in all the social events.

And is that to achieve your goals you must create routines have self-discipline and fulfil your promises, above all, avoid getting away from them, regardless of the situation.

Self-discipline is the ability to obsess positively and effectively; Striving toward a particular goal without giving up, is the ability to work day after day, week after week, and year after year until your purpose is fulfilled. It is the power to say "this is what I really want from my life, and that is how I will achieve it, and if I have to abandon other things along the way I will do it because it is worth it in the long run."

When you have made a decision, you have to start acting around it. For some people, this is the most difficult part, although in reality, the most complex is the follow-up.

For example, a person who decides to follow a diet may find it simple to throw away a bunch of junk food; The complicated thing is that it does not consume it a week later. And this is where self-discipline is key, but it is also important that you create an environment that supports this new attitude.

In my experience and after several years of attending patients of all kinds, I have found some very important points to acquire self-discipline when entering a process of nutritional changes:

* Be clear on your goals

* Eliminate self-deception

* Focus on the benefits

* Surround yourself with disciplined people

* Take small steps

* Sometimes it seems impossible to maintain a life of discipline and many times you may feel overwhelmed so that you return to a "more relaxed" lifestyle.

* Being disciplined does not mean being rigid. Nor do you have to sacrifice all the pleasures of your life. It is about choosing your priorities wisely.

Now that you know how to be disciplined is the time to take action. Use this information so that your day-to-day life does not become a journey through the desert.

I share a small exercise that will help you to be trained your self-discipline:


1. Schedule a particular task for the morning and another for the night. The task should not take more than 15 minutes.

2. Wait for the time to perform at the scheduled time, not before or after, wait at the scheduled time.

3. When the time has come, begin with the task. Repeat the exercise for at least two months.

Advantages: Schedule helps focus on your priorities... By focusing on starting tasks rather than completing them, you can avoid postponing pending issues

...Follow the trail of your progress; At the end of the set time, maintain a record of achievements that you have been building over time.

We will fight for our goals every day by doing what we can. If that phrase is seen as a promise made to ourselves to be fulfilled, it will give us the energy to work.

To achieve the self-discipline we need, we need only make small decisions today. Tomorrow will be another day in which the small steps we take will add to those we carry ... And so, by virtue of overcoming small and continuous challenges, we will reach our goal.

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